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2.5 Million Dollar Small Business Boost

2.5 Million Dollar Small Business Boost


Zees Inc., of Sanford Florida, a manufacturer and importer of consumer products, announced today that is was offering up to 2.5 million dollars of consignment gift and house ware items exclusively to area business.

Large numbers of stores over the years have taken advantage of consignment. Details are easy to understand, the manufacturer gives the store product to sell and the store only has to pay for the product if it sells. Many successful products have launched this way but the main benefit to the store is that it can offer more products at a lower cost of goods sold.

Typically called a “win – win” situation, corporate consignments have been a vital part of growing the consumer product selection basically since retail started.

Details of the Zees Inc., consignment program are easy to meet; the business must do less than 500k per year in gross sales and have current business registrations. A lot of smaller Mom and Pop shops could benefit from this program.

Each approved business can visit the Zees Inc, warehouse and access up to $10,000 of product. The items range from wine bottle stoppers, to chiller packs, to hand painted wineglasses and more. Over 400 proven retail products are available.

When asked why they decided to implement this program, the owner of Zees Inc, said “we get asked all the time by big online companies to sell directly to them but we feel our products belong in stores where they help businesses stay in business. Our products stand out from others and they sell best when next to other products in a retail environment”.

The owner went on to say, “the only ethical thing to do was to give area merchants more options to sell our products rather than do it through the online giants. Every time we introduce new products, area stores will get access through our program”.

To find out if your business qualifies and to contact Zees Inc., for more information on this and other programs, visit the website at www.zeesinc.com/BusinessBoost