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On-Line Sales Policy

Online Sales Policy

Zees Inc. has announced a new On-Line Internet Sales Policy today.
The general framework of the policy is to encourage online sales while responsibly maintaining the Zees brand image and adherence to the suggested retail price. We want a healthy market-place of our products to emerge and to help achieve that end; we have created a program for dealers to be able to sell our products easily.

Any current Zees Inc. customer may sell Zees Inc., and its’ branded products On-Line.
We have two programs

1. Self-Fill
2. Drop Ship

1. Our Self Fill Program is for established dealers who already have a website and stock our product. Any new dealer is automatically enrolled into our Self fill Program. Just like it sound, the dealer takes the on-line order and ships to the customer. We ask that all Self Fill dealers ship with-in 48 hours, provide tracking numbers directly to the customer and maintain responsible email practices. We reserve the right to ask from time to time for samples of marketing materials that bear our name for quality control purposes.

2. Our Drop Ship Program is for any current dealer or on-Line only businesses who may or may not already be a customer. We ask that any Drop Ship participant list all of the Zees Inc. products if possible and where appropriate. Drop Ship orders have a $15 minimum or we will round up to $15 on any order. There is a $6.00 handling charge for each order. Shipping is charged at exactly what our shipping costs. We pay for the box and packing material. We can use a third party shipper number too.

Orders must be placed via Fax, Email, or through our B2B portal. Phoning in Drop ship orders is discouraged. Zees Inc., may or may not include promotional items for its products and to encourage people to act socially. Drop shippers who exceed 5k sales volume per month may ask to have their promotional items included for no additional charge.

Zees Inc, has created several product classifications so that dealers will have a range of pricing options to allow them to compete On-Line.

Products are classified as:

1. Current – this means the price is full MSRP with only 15% discounts offered on an individual item. If the Dealer wants to “bundle items” and provide deep discounts, that is fine.

2. Close-Out – these items have been discontinued by us and we will not be importing more. It is encouraged to bundle these items if possible so that we may make room for newer products.
All products are designated “Current” unless otherwise notated on our official price list.

Zees Inc., may employ a monitoring service to determine if dealers are adherent to the MSRP on Current products. Dealers found in violation may have their selling status suspended.

Please report any suspected MSRP pricing guidelines violations to us.

Other details about our program on our website at www.zeesinc.com/sell