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Silly Bottlez

Want a strong reusable water bottle that is BPA-Free and not boring? Silly Bottlez bring all the fun as well as functionality with these super rugged silicone water bottles! Got them dirty because of your active lifestyle? They’re dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and freezable! Hold up to 20oz. Available in 10 great colors! This squishy water bottle flattens or rolls up when its empty and you want to tuck it away to refill later. It comes carabiner-equipped so you can attach it to your duffle bag, hiking backpack, or school book bag! Able to hold 16oz., it makes a awesome sport bottle and comes in 10 bright colors! This one is black.

Cool Sack

The Cool Sack’s freezable wine bags with liquid on two sides make an awesome hostess gift or the great way to keep your wine cold on the way to the party, park, or picnic! They were designed with comfortable straps and can carry most 750ml bottles of wine. Only drink red wine and think you won’t need this wine accessory? These are still great for keeping your wine from getting warm during the walk outdoors as you search for a perfect spot on the beach, bleachers, or at the park. Available in 8 cool colors! This one is red.

Pocket Bottles

Everyday, plastic water bottles are tossed and discarded creating more waste and litter. Pocket Bottles are not only eco-friendly water bottles but are also efficient in portability! They fold flat when empty and also come carabiner-equipped to attach to your sports bag or back belt loop when you’re out being active or on a hike down your favorite trail! They make perfect camping water bottles! Don’t worry, they’re BPA-Free and fully recyclable. Cleaning them is simple: shake with warm soap water and rinse or just forget about it in the dishwasher! There are 42 designs to fit any personality. They’re great for kids and adults alike and you can drink anything out of them! Help the planet with these 16oz foldable reusable water bottles and…