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About Zees Inc.

Twenty Years Of Tradition

For over twenty years, Zees Inc. has been bringing innovation to the industry. Originally starting out with an assortment of yard and garden ware, Zees Inc, (formerly known as Artistic Creations) has graduated into the gift and housewares department with a thoughtful and elegant collection of products that have a crisp “in the now” refined edge to them.

Powering Retail Stores

With great looking products come great product material selection. Zees Inc. knows that high quality products start with the source. Traveling the globe, Zees’ experienced buyers and designers only use and purchase the best. The results are highly desirable consumer items that literally “fly off of the shelves” which in turn, help power the great American retail engine.

Trademarked Brand Names

Names like “Beer Budddy” and “The Cool Sack” make for a memorable experience in the mind of the consumer. With over a dozen trademarked names, Zees Inc gives Americas retailers recognizable products for repeat driven sales resulting in an exceptional value few products can deliver. Any store looks better with a little “Zees” in it!.

  • I come to the shows quite a lot and I see Zees Creations often. They are easy to work with and have high quality products. I highly recommend. Show Buyer, March 2015

    Great Selection - Nice Quality
  • I see a lot of hand-painted glasses but the ones from Zees Creations have a certain artistic element hard to find in today's mass produced world.

    Really like the handpainted glasses

Where We Need To Be

As the Digital Age unfolds, Zees Inc. has opened a new frontier into the real time connected business. Using tools like “Brandwise” and others; reps, agencies and stores are able to place orders and query inventory counts resulting in better business decisions and faster filling of the orders

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

No matter where a Zees Inc product was purchased or acquired, Zees inc will stand behind it. When a customer cannot return an item to a store, Zees will make good with a quick and easy web based exchange process and ship the item directly to them. Zees Inc. has been in business for more than twenty years and knows the value of keeping the customer happy.

Out In Front To Stay

Today’s retailers want to know that manufacturers and distributors they do business with help play a role in the development of ongoing brand awareness and marketing. With forward thinking tools like Facebook, Twitter and so on, the task becomes easier which results in heightened awareness and sales

  • I drank out of a Zees Inc water bottle and it satisfied my thirst. Everybody should have several of them. Happy Guzzler.

    Great Water Bottle
  • I never knew why my wine always tasted less than aerated, it was because it wasn't aerated. Now all my wine gets thoroughly aired with the "Chilalerator". Now, I'm mellow. Thanks for such a great product!

    Wine Tastes Better